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We will meet with you for no charge to develop an understanding of your unique needs and problems.  If our products and services will address your needs, we will come to an agreement on the services we will provide and the estimated cost.  If our products and services do not meet your needs, we will work to help you find a company who can.  For example, if your needs for accounting software are specialized or simply beyond what Peachtree offers, we will refer you to someone who sells higher end software.  The same applies for tax work.  If your situation is outside of our scope, we will refer you to another CPA.

Banish the Spreadsheet

Gary L. Roberson, CPA, will work with you and your organization to select, implement, and train you to fully utilize your accounting software.  We have developed our skills in over three decades of business experience.  We will use thees skills to create an accounting system which automates your business processes.  The system we create will help you manage all of your accounting needs and eliminate the spreadsheets and Post-it notes.   The result, everyone in your company will have access to the information they need to be efficient and effective.

Once your system is in place we will meet with you as needed to keep your system current as your business grows and evolves.

The typical consulting engagement is long-term, sometimes lasting for years, but there are no long-term commitments when you engage us.

Part-time CFO

The role of a Chief Financial Officer, CFO, is that of a trusted advisor.  CFO’s understand their client’s needs, frustrations, and challenges.  In the role of CFO, we are able to assist you to obtain financing for growth and capital improvements.  We offer on-going tax advice and services to aid you to use all legal means to avoid paying excessive taxes.

The Perfect Fit

A great software fit-to-business is almost never out-of-the-box.  We have joint offerings to expand Peachtree capabilities and address your specific needs through business specific software development or add-on software that works with Peachtree. 

And if your reporting needs are non-standard (and most business have unique needs), we regularly work with Crystal Reports to develop custom reports that address your unique requirements.

The Single Source Solution

You should not have to be the general contractor in implementing your system. We come prepared with strategic partnerships: computer hardware and networking specialists to provide solid solutions; credit card processors to enable you to accept credit and debit cards at competitive rates; and bankers who can offer the financing options our clients need to finance their businesses.

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