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Peachtree is now Sage 50

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Explore Sage 50 Accounting Products

Sage 50 Complete Accounting

Get organized and become more productive with Sage 50 Complete Accounting 2014. Robust core accounting and customizable business management features save you time and money.

  • Manage cash flow, customer payments,
    and collections

  • Gain insight with custom reporting for budgeting, cash flow management, and benchmarking

  • Get a high-level view of your key metrics

  • Track inventory, plan purchases, or expand service offerings

  • Reduce errors and deter fraud with screen-level security and a clear audit trail

Sage 50 Premium Accounting

Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2014 provides powerful accounting, inventory and reporting functionality along with tools that help you expertly manage your strategic growth plans.

  • Control budgets and departments

  • Focus on key business metrics with at-a-glance dashboards

  • Help increase job profitability with change order processing

  • Use serialized inventory to track warranty claims, recalls, and more

  • Design and share insightful reports with custom reporting tools

Sage 50 Quantum Accounting

Sage 50 Quantum Accounting 2014 delivers visibility, enhanced analytics and improved workflow while accommodating 5-40 licensed, named users.

  • Create customized dashboards to organize
    key, real-time information and access it easily

  • Stay on top of your order process with automated workflows

  • Manage your customers, inventory, and jobs with at-a-glance management centers

  • Meet the needs of your business with industry-specific functionality

  • Design and share insightful reports with custom reporting tool

Sage 50 Industry Solutions

Sage understands that one size does not fit all. That's why we offer industry specific solutions.

Sage 50 industry solutions combine powerful accounting and analysis tools with reports and functionality specific to the Construction, Distribution, Manufacturing, and Nonprofit industries. Each version provides specialized functionality and reporting along with all the core accounting features you need.

Industry solutions available:

Construction: Construction businesses must expertly manage contractors, job costs, and marketing in order to be profitable. Sage 50 makes it easy to track and invoice costs that often elude being captured in the billing process as well as control job revenue and expense.

Sage 50 solutions for the construction industry facilitate:

  • Progress billing

  • Retainage

  • Labor burden calculations

  • Job work-in-progress reporting

  • Payroll overhead rate tracking

  • Sub-contractor insurance expiration tracking

  • Custom construction planning reports

Sage 50 Construction Accounting includes all the features included in Sage 50 Premium Accounting plus powerful tools to help you manage contractors, job costs, and invoicing. Sage 50 Construction Accounting accommodates up to 5 users.

Distribution: In order to remain competitive, distributors must juggle multiple demands related to inventory management, procurement, pricing, and customer demands. Sage 50 distribution industry solutions help you deal with these challenges so you can increase sales, deliver on time, retain customers, and minimize overhead. Sage 50 is easy-to-use, so you spend less time on accounting and more time running your business.

Sage 50 solutions for the distribution industry facilitate:

  • Multi-quantity unit buy/sell capability

  • Serialized inventory

  • Multiple costing methods

  • Establish minimum stocking levels and reorder quantities

  • Flexible pricing tools: volume discounts and quantity-based pricing

  • Custom reporting to manage distribution operations

Sage 50 Distribution Accounting – Includes all the features found in Sage 50 Premium Accounting plus powerful tools that help you better manage relationships with suppliers, track payment terms and discounts, and monitor manufacturing and kitting processes.

Manufacturing: Manufacturing is a complex industry with many moving parts. Even small manufacturers must expertly manage inventory, fulfillment, and customer expectations in order to be successful and profitable. That's why Sage 50 offers manufacturing industry solutions that provide robust inventory management, improved control and tracking of assembly jobs, and industry-specific reports, all designed to save you time and increase your profitability.

Sage 50 solutions for the manufacturing industry facilitate:

  • Track BOM revisions

  • Work tickets

  • Create purchase orders based on stocking levels

  • Inventory management and trend analysis

  • Serialized inventory tracking

  • Order/sell using vendor part numbers

  • Quantity price breaks

  • Buy/sell in different units

  • Advance drop shipping capabilities

  • Manufacturing-specific operational reports

Sage 50 Manufacturing Accounting – Includes all the features found in Sage 50 Premium Accounting plus powerful tools that help you expertly manage your business with enhanced BOM management, the ability to create/track work tickets, serialized inventory, and more. Sage 50 Manufacturing Accounting accommodates up to 5 users.

Nonprofit: Donors, grantors, boards of directors, and regulators all expect a full accounting of how your organization uses money. That's why Sage 50 solutions for nonprofits help you better record donations, manage restricted and unrestricted income, administer expenses and provide solid reporting.

Sage 50 solutions for nonprofits facilitate:

  • Non-profit specific chart of accounts, including a United Way chart of accounts

  • Customized account segments to represent departments or individual funds

  • Ability to designate encumbrances and restrictions

  • Generate and email reports and financial statements including Statement of Financial Position and Donor-Grantor Summary List

  • Customizable reporting

Sage 50 Nonprofit Accounting – Includes all the features found in Sage 50 Premium Accounting plus powerful tools that help you expertly meet financial reporting requirements, manage fundraising and donor outreach, and protect your confidential information. Sage 50 Nonprofit Accounting accommodates up to 5 users.

2012 Version


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Choosing the Right Product for Your Business

One of the most important aspects to a customer using Sage Peachtree for the first time is to select the right product when starting out. 

With the wide range of Sage Peachtree solutions that are available, the questions below are intended to help guide our new customers to choose the right product:

Sage Peachtree First Accounting

Are you currently using a manual or paper-based system to do your accounting and want to automate your check writing and bill payments?

Are you a small service-based business with no employees or inventory?

Do you have basic reporting requirements?

Sage Peachtree Pro Accounting vs. Sage Peachtree First Accounting

Do you have employees and want to process payroll?

Would you like to save time and prevent errors by having the professionals at Sage process your payroll?

Would you like to simplify payday and integrate with Sage Peachtree Direct Deposit?

Do you need to track inventory items or have job costing needs?

Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting vs. Sage Peachtree Pro Accounting

Do you have in-depth inventory needs? 

Do you want the capability to easily setup inventory items by defining the various attributes of the product line (i.e. t-shirts; different colors and sizes -OR- a service fee; different rates and time of day)?

Would you like to simplify your inventory by automatically creating POs for inventory?

Would you like to be able to quickly and easily change inventory item prices for more than one item at a time? 

Do you need to customize multiple levels of item sales pricing?

Do you have more than one-person needing access to Sage Peachtree at the same time?

Do you need to track and bill for your time and expenses?

Do you need the capability to view an audit trail of transactions entered by your employees?

Do you need more in-depth customer and vendor reporting?

Would you like in-depth reporting and tracking on your profitability for jobs/projects?

Do you need to track business operations based on conditions and immediately e-mail the appropriate people to take action (i.e. inventory items low, notify purchasing agent to reorder)?

Would you like to improve your shipping operations with integration with UPS?

Do you need to track and manage fixed assets?

Would you prefer to pay your bills online (electronic vs. US mail)?

Would you like to be able to download your bank statement into Sage Peachtree for quick reconciliation?

Would you like to view all of your business critical information in one location - the Business Status Center?

Sage Peachtree Premium Accounting vs. Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting

Do you need serialized inventory?

Do you have multiple companies and need to run consolidated financial statements?

Do you want to archive your old company data and have it available for future reporting needs?

Would you like to better analyze your annual budgets and future budgets up to 4 years?

Would you like to create an unlimited number of budgets?

Do you need enhanced departmentalized financial statement reporting?

Are you looking for more reporting functionality to get the information you need to analyze your business better?

Would you like a better way to manage your employees’ raises?

Do you run a service-based business and have the need to reissue the same invoice to multiple recipients or issue a duplicate invoice to one of your customers on multiple occasions?

Do you prefer to be on the premium product to allow for expanded business needs as your business grows?

Sage Peachtree Industry Solutions

Do you need financial software that is designed specifically for one of the following industries: Accounting, Manufacturing, Distribution, Construction, or Nonprofits?

What Do New Customers Care About?

Which type of “new” customer are you?

Customers that are automating their accounting for the first time


Customers switching from a competitive product.

  1. These issues are what new customers automating for the first time care about:

Getting all of their info organized in one place.

Product ease of use.

Will they be able to start working in the product immediately?

Will the product give them what they need?  (Write checks, pay bills and record expenses)

Does the product include basic business reporting?

Does the product include additional reporting that their Accountant may require?

Can they track and manage their money?

Will the product produce professional looking forms & reports?

Will they save time on their accounting tasks?

Is there free support / advice if they need it?

B.  Customers switching from a competitive product care about:

Will the conversion to Sage Peachtree be quick and easy?

Are they going to lose or have to re-key data (if so, then what data)

Will the program have as much functionality (hopefully more) as the previous product? 

Will this product help them work smarter or solve a particular business challenge?

Is there Support if they need it?

What are the import / export capabilities?

Integration with other products / services

Regardless of the type of “new” customer you are, we can make the transition to Peachtree the way that suits your needs best.

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