Part-Time CFO Services

Part Time CFO Services in Virginia Beach

Business leaders and entrepreneurs face many challenges in today's tough economic climate. Crafting success requires the ability to balance the demands of your customers and clients against the financial constraints of running a business. Hiring a part-time chief financial officer provides a strategic means to manage finances and direct growth without investing in a dedicated, full-time controller or CFO.

A former CFO and  practicing CPA in Virginia Beach with more than 35 years of business experience, Gary L. Roberson is well positioned to provide business leaders with financial advice and leadership. Gary uses his extensive experience with business process automation, finance, taxes, financial management and general accounting to understand client needs, shape a financial management plan and track business goals. 

We are located in Virginia Beach and proudly provide business accounting and tax services to the Tidewater/Hampton Roads region of Virginia including Norfolk, Hampton, Chesapeake, and more. 

Executive Financial Management from a CFO

Hiring a full-time CFO or controller for your business might seem like a viable path to financial success, but the expense of doing so is often more than business owners can shoulder. Salaries for qualified CFOs and controllers range from $100,000 to $200,000 per year plus bonuses and benefits, and bringing on full-time financial advisors simply isn't an option for many enterprises.

Of course, financial guidance is still absolutely essential in today's business climate. Small businesses that are on the cusp of making it big are in particular need of guidance but often find it just outside their reach. Hiring a part-time CFO from our Virginia Beach firm provides a means of securing necessary guidance and assistance with business financial tasks without placing a permanent stake in a new leadership team member.

Working with a Part-Time CFO

An experienced CFO can provide financial guidance to help booming businesses grow or to bring struggling enterprises back from the brink. Gary L. Roberson is happy to utilize his many years of experience in business finance to help his clients meet their goals. Gary has spent his career running businesses, not sitting behind a desk. Our part-time CFO services include:

• Evaluation of business processes
• Help automating processes and introducing business software programs
• Financial and strategic planning
• Preparations of presentations for bankers and investors
• Cash flow projections
• Vendor negotiations
• Development of internal controls
• Assistance with monthly closing processes
• Help improving and utilizing key financial reports
• Payroll services
• Tax return preparation

Every business's financial needs are different. As a part-time CFO in Virginia Beach, Gary is dedicated to working with his clients to manage their businesses and automate processes to allow for greater success. After all, hiring a part-time CFO shouldn't be about finding someone to take care of mundane tasks. It's about working with a seasoned, tested financial professional who understands today's business climate and knows how to capitalize on business strengths to drive growth.

Why Choose a Part-Time CFO?

Hiring a part-time CFO means connecting with your business's profitability. It also means freeing up time to focus on other business necessities, such as building relationships with your clients and vendors. As a part-time CFO, Gary focuses on understanding client needs and helping business owners set a path for financial recovery or stability. An experienced leader with an excellent reputation in the business community, Gary is proud to partner with a wide variety of enterprises to craft success.

For more information on how our Virginia Beach CFO can help your business grow and succeed, contact Gary L. Roberson today!

We are located in Virginia Beach and proudly provide business accounting and tax services to the Tidewater/Hampton Roads region of Virginia including Norfolk, Hampton, Chesapeake, and more. 

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