Our Process

Step 1: Triage

We perform triage on businesses.  Triage is defined as the process of prioritizing injured people for treatment according to seriousness of the injury.  We work with the business to identify and prioritize the areas where the business is bleeding, i.e., losing money. Your business will benefit from this process because we are able to quickly identify the most important areas to focus our efforts and resources.  We set aside items of lesser importance for later examination.

Step 2: Creating Blueprints (Planning)

  · Meet with you and your staff to develop a plan for the system implementation and training.

  · Identify who will be responsible for each step in the plan.

The problem areas have been identified, now it is time to rebuild.  We create a plan as to how you can rehabilitate your business so that there is a synergy between your company's input and functionality.  We set a new foundation as to how your accounting process will now be managed by utilizing one of the software packages in which we have expertise.

Step 3: Resource Allocation & Advice

This is the process of determining where a company should spend money.  The goal is to get the best results with the lowest investment.  We will address the areas which will yield the highest return as measured by increased efficiency, accuracy, and timeliness of data processed.  You will not be going in several different directions all at once and accomplishing little.  We work to bring a laser focus to accomplishing the identified projects, on time, and under-budget.

Step 4: Take Back the Reigns (Implement and adapt)

  · Implement your accounting software,  including general ledger, billing, cash management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll.

  · Assist you in converting your data from your current system

  · Assist you in adapting the accounting system to account properly for all transactions, including development of procedures and controls.

  · Implement changes in manual procedures to enhance the effectiveness of the system, including developing accounting procedures and controls.

  · Assist and train your staff in developing controls, such as proper backup and password procedures, daily logs, and problem reports.

  · Supervise tests of the system to ensure that it is ready for daily operation.

Step 5: Software Systems, Training and Documentation       

System training is the process in which we educate your staff on the new software you and they will be using to run your accounting system.  The training is hands-on meaning at first I am on site with you and your staff walking you through each set-up decision, explaining the options, and training you on entering data.  Second, hands-on means you and your staff will be practicing each step by entering your data with me looking over your shoulder.  Under this training method, you will quickly build confidence in your ability to accurately and efficiently enter data and process transactions. 

As we set up your system and train your staff, we will assist your staff in the development of a procedures manual to document the accounting system processes and procedures.

Once training is complete, we show your staff the resources available (within the software, via my website, newsletter, and direct links to the software's website) to get further training and support.  In addition, we are only a phone call away if questions arise.  Should new staff require training, we will be happy to schedule additional training sessions at our regular hourly rate.

Step 6: Monitor and Review

Finally, we help you evaluate the effectiveness of the new system in operation.

  · We will monitor operations for a sixty-day period to determine whether additional training, problem resolution, or enhancement is required.

  · We evaluate the actual results provided by the system against your planned objectives.

  · We report our findings and recommendations for further actions.

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