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The type of client that benefits from our services range from start-up businesses to multi-million dollar established firms.  Many of my clients generate revenue in excess of 5 million dollars.  Some are even larger than 25 million.

You likely have a significant customer base and most are repeat customers.  You probably have 2 to 15 back-office employees and most of your employees have been with you for several years.  Turnover is low because the company is a good place to work.  It has its problems and issues, of course, but overall a good place. 

Your company is growing and/or needs to make changes.  You may be dealing with a poor economy or changes in your industry.  Your business information is on Post-it notes and in q-zillion spreadsheets.  You have come to recognize that you need to make changes in how you do things.  Things like getting better control over your inventory, only buying what you need, finding one place to put your prospects, customers and vendors information.  You aren?t sure how to go about making the change, but you are willing to seek out an advisor, listen, and act on the advice they offer. 

You and your staff have traditional values and work ethic.  You are loyal to customers and suppliers and value long-term relationships.  You understand there will be reasonable fees for services. 

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