Frequently Asked Questions

How much will your services cost?

Our standard rate is $125 per hour.  We bill on the quarter hour for time spent on your project.  We charge for travel time one way at our regular hourly rate.

After we meet to define the engagement, Gary L. Roberson, CPA will prepare a detailed engagement letter that sets forth the scope of the specific services requested.  We will prepare a schedule, which, breaks down the engagement into functional areas with ranges of time estimated to accomplish each.

Given the many unknowns, it is not possible to come up with a flat fee.  We have always felt flat fees are bad for both parties.  If we give you a flat fee, we must estimate the total cost upfront with many variables unknown.  If we estimate too high, you pay more than you should.  If we estimate too low, we suffer.  Instead, we have set our standard rate at a competitive level that allows us to make a profit.

How long will the conversion from my old accounting system take?

There are many variables to consider in setting the time frame for an engagement.  They include such items as: are upgrades to your existing hardware required in order to run the new application?  The availability of you and your staff to train, move data from the old system to the new.  How the data will be moved, manually vs. automated.  Each of these issues will be defined and evaluated in the planning phase of the engagement.  A conversion plan will be developed with clear steps to move from one area to the next.  At each step, we can review and evaluate our progress.  The plan will allow for modifications in the client's requirements and to deal with unexpected situations.

What if we have problems or questions after the new system is in place?

We are available for on-site, remote, and phone consultation. There is also a plethora of information that can possibly answer your questions through my website, and newsletter.

Is there training available for all employees to learn the new accounting system?

Yes.  We will work closely with your business to make sure that you have the tools and education you require to know how to run the accounting software and hardware.  We provide you with the manuals and online access to support that is readily obtainable to train your employees.  Once we are in agreement that you are ready to run the software on your own, there is support via phone, remote, on-site, my website, my newsletter, as well as through the actual accounting software websites as well to make sure all employees can be on the same page and have ongoing updates regarding the software we choose for your business.

How do we know which accounting system is right for our company?

We thoroughly evaluate the business processes you currently have in place and then recommend the software and hardware that would best serve your needs.  In addition, we will train you and your staff on how to set up your accounting system, how to manage your day-to-day processes, how to back up your system, and how to implement proper accounting procedures.

Do you guarantee it will work for us?

During the initial phases of the engagement, we work to develop a complete understanding of your requirements.  From this understanding, we evaluate the software to assure it meets your requirements.  We will not 'shoe-horn' your company into an obvious bad fit with accounting software.  No accounting software will meet 100% of a business' needs.  We shoot for 80% or better of the mission critical functions.  We develop ways to utilize the flexibility of the software as well as various add-on software in order to ensure the best fit possible for the money invested.

If software in our portfolio simply will not meet you requirements, we will tell you so and work with you to select software, which will better meet your unique requirements.

We can guarantee that our services will provide you with the tools you will need in order to run your business more cost efficiently and effectively.  Once you employ us for our services, we will work together as a team.  Success with the new accounting software and hardware will require full cooperation of you and your staff. 

We can't guarantee that the system will work for you unless your team is fully engaged and involved in the process with us.  Each business has unique ways of doing things and unless we fully understand your actions and motivations, we can't ensure a good fit.

How do you deal with changes or unforeseen issues that aren't supported within the software?

We work very hard to avoid such situations.  That is why we spend considerable time with you up front developing a thorough understanding of your unique requirements.  Situations do arise.  We found over the years that with creative use of the depth of features available in accounting software, we can address your requirement.  In addition, there are numerous add-on software that work with the base package to add functionality not native to the accounting software.

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