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Gary L. Roberson, the owner of Gary L. Roberson, CPA, PLLC, is much, much more than an accountant. With over 30 years of experience in accounting and finance, Gary can deconstruct a business, rebuilding it on a strong foundation, which can withstand the storms and earthquakes of the business world.  He looks at a business the way an engineer analyzes a building, and like those professionals, he is capable of building a new structure from the ground up or completely renovate an old, broken-down mess to give it new life.

Gary's reputation as a financial builder and renovator is known in such wide circles that he's been offered jobs even when he wasn't looking for a new challenge. When a group of investors was creating a new bank in Brunswick, Georgia, it was Gary's name that came up whenever they asked for suggestions for the bank's first chief financial officer. His work ethic and quality work made his name come to mind, years after he'd worked for the three people who suggested him for the position. Gary accepted the offer, and built the bank up to $60 million in assets in its first five years.

Deconstructing a business the way a contractor would a building ensures that all the problems are addressed.  A contractor would analyze all the systems of a building, including HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and insulation, to see which must be replaced and which can be salvaged. He must also consider how the building is being used, because a large open-air stadium needs very different systems in place than a detached single-family dwelling. This is the sort of deep analysis a business gets from Gary L. Roberson.  He reviews the existing systems, such as purchasing, receipts, collections, and financial reporting, to determine which are serving the business and which aren't.  If a system can be updated to make it more efficient, or the staff can be retrained to make it work, that's the course he takes.  However, if the business has outgrown a system, or it was never the right fit in the first place, he builds anew to make something that works for the owners, employees, and regulatory agencies.

Gary approaches problems with relish, whether they come from entrenched staff that is reluctant to implement new systems, or external pressures like shareholders and competition.  He has tackled multi-million-dollar distribution companies with multiple states' laws to comply with, real estate developers with vast holdings, and solo operations where the owner doesn't even have bookkeeping experience. Like a renovation project, big financial changes come with some disturbance and dust. Gary is there every step of the way, familiarizing staff with new systems, clearing away the dust of "but we've always done it this way" thinking, instilling confidence and offering support during the transition. Unlike a construction foreman, though, Gary doesn't pack up after the cleanup is done and the punch list is checked. Rather, he sticks around to see how his clients enjoy their newly renovated business, and appreciate what it's like to work from a solid foundation.

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Gary L. Roberson, CPA, PLLC
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