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Why is it so hard to run my business with my accounting software?

You spent money for this software and you put the invoices, bills, payroll info and everything else that you are supposed to, into the system.  And still, you aren't able to access the information from your accounting software that you need to actually manage your business.

Worse yet, you still have to spend too much valuable time manually handling information, and waste time looking for answers to questions from customers, owners, bankers, vendors, and insurance agents.

You probably aren't an accountant and may have trouble understanding accounting processes and why they are important.  But to learn how to use these tools, you have probably had to consider using consulting services that you perceive to be too expensive, or you never have had someone explain to you exactly what you are getting if you pay for these services.

Well, we have some answers to these questions and challenges for you.

"Gary knows how to strategically plan for the future and break it down so I can understand.  In a word, professional." 
Ricky Christian, Esprit D├ęcor

Chesapeake, VA

Accounting Utopia

What would heaven on earth look like for the accounting side of your business? Most likely processes would be automated and the office culture would be structured. Staff members would only need to make a one-time data entry into accounting software (no more messy spreadsheets or Post-It notes lying around). As a result, there would be no loss of time spent repetitiously entering data, looking for information in multiple locations, or correcting inaccurate data. Everyone in the company would benefit from real-time access to financial information.  Managers and business owners would be able to actually manage their organization with business accounting software, evaluating product lines and customers to determine the greatest revenue streams. As a result, they would experience a maximized use of their limited resources and capital, and enjoy an increased ability to focus on growing the business profitably.

You've probably wondered how did this happen?

When you started the business, you didn't know accounting or bookkeeping - you were focused on getting the business going and getting revenue in the door. As you built the business, you "figured it out as you went along," simply addressing each issue that arose with the solution that made the most sense at the time, because you didn't know any better.  You may have become quite successful in spite of your lack of accounting knowledge, and survived major financial difficulties so far. But that doesn't mean that you are as profitable as you could be, if you actually knew what was happening financially in your business.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

How can you find your way out of the quagmire you now find yourself in? First, you must recognize that your company may have an accounting problem that's become unmanageable, and that you need help. Secondly, you must be willing to change, and decide to what degree and at what expense you are willing to change. Thirdly, you must accept the guidance of an objective third party, a qualified accounting expert, who can work with you to determine exactly what part of the system is broken and how it can best be fixed.

Now What?

Do your homework first. Finding us was a good start. Check out our references and take a long look at our website.  And feel free to compare us to others. Be sure you know what help is already available through your accounting software's website. Then participate in a free consultation with the experts you have found to identify your problems, and work to develop an initial plan to address them.  A reputable firm should have no problem helping you with references, a plan of action and an exact understanding of what it all will cost.  Once you have found the right fit, sign an engagement letter with the consultant and get to work!

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